HM Commercial Group, is pleased to announce that the BC Tree Fruits property at the corner of Ellis Street & Bay Avenue in Kelowna, BC is now sold to Okanagan builder, Mission Group.

“We can confirm that subject conditions have been removed and the selling price was $23,750,000” explains Warren Sarafinchan of BC Tree Fruits.

Jeremy Dawn, Mission Group’s Director of Real Estate, says that “they have no immediate plans for redevelopment, but interim tenants are encouraged to come forward. Any inquiries can be directed to Jeff Hudson & Marshall McAnerney of HM Commercial Group.”

The property includes an 89,000 sq.ft. storage warehouse and is 3.95 acres, adjacent to the former Tolko Sawmill in Kelowna’s North End Neighbourhood. The long‐term future of this neighbourhood is currently being reviewed by the City of Kelowna as part of a North‐end Neighbourhood Plan.