Kelowna’s Top-Luxury Residential and Leading Commercial Real Estate companies align with one another to elevate real estate services in the Okanagan.

KELOWNA, BC (May 03, 2023) —

To provide the most in-depth and comprehensive service to their clients in a dynamic Okanagan market, two powerhouses will now operate under a new brand as Unison HM Commercial Realty and Unison Jane Hoffman Realty. With a keen understanding of the regional market, its buying audience, and the desire of their clients for a professional experience, this alliance is the next evolution of residential and commercial real estate in the Okanagan.

HM Commercial Realty and Jane Hoffman Realty thriving in Unison

Thought-leaders in their respective markets, the two companies’ kindred values drew them together and, in that like-mindedness, both saw an opportunity to enhance their offering to a client base already fortuitously aligned.

“The way we work is strikingly similar,” says Marshall McAnerney, Principal of HM Commercial Realty. “I have always respected how Jane Hoffman does business, her integrity, and the way she puts people first. In merging, we can enhance the client experience, and provide high-level and comprehensive real estate solutions.”

Unison HM Commercial Realty and Unison Jane Hoffman Realty Founders & Partners

Pictured left to right: Jeff Hudson, Principal / Founder HM Commercial Realty; Marshall McAnerney, Principal / Founder HM Commercial Realty; Angela Coupal, Managing Partner and Legal Counsel Jane Hoffman Realty & HM Commercial Realty; Jane Hoffman, President / Founder Jane Hoffman Realty; Michael Hoffman, Partner Jane Hoffman Realty

Under the overarching banner of Unison, a name that conveys the strength of individual voices in sync with one another, the recognized names of Jane Hoffman Realty and HM Commercial Realty remain and now operate as affiliated brokerages. While both companies expand their already robust market intelligence by coming together, the boutique nature of their work and personal care they provide to their clients remains at the forefront.

For the Unison brokerages, and Okanagan real estate as a whole, Jane Hoffman’s outlook is bright. “We see continued growth in our region into the future,” says the Jane Hoffman Realty President. “Our affiliation is an evolution that will bring elevated real estate service to those looking to fulfill both a commercial and residential need.”

Unison HM Commercial Realty and Unison Jane Hoffman Realty

About HM Commercial Realty

Based in Kelowna, B.C., Unison HM Commercial Realty specializes in income producing properties, industrial land, land for development and commercial leasing with more than $1.3 billion in collective sales.

About Jane Hoffman Realty

Kelowna’s leading luxury residential real estate specialists, Unison Jane Hoffman Realty is a full-service brokerage with over 35 years and $5 billion in sales in the Okanagan market.

For media inquiries, contact: Angela Coupal, Managing Partner Unison brokerages HM Commercial Realty and Jane Hoffman Realty.